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Elliott, Diana
5th Grade Teacher

Coming from a long line of teachers, I knew I was called to teach.  Teaching provides an opportunity for me to impact my world in a small way each day.   I graduated with my BA from UNI in 1990 and have been teaching ever since, adding my MA in 2005.  The 5/6 middle school level is my passion as kids are ready to think deeply and have rigorous discussions but still like to give me hugs, fists bumps, or high fives. 

I am happily married to my husband, Jim, and the blessed mother of two kids, Trent and Jade. I love to be active.  Most mornings my feet hit the floor before 5am with a run or exercise class.  On weekends, our family has a cottage on the mighty Mississippi River where we can be found boating, skiing, hiking, sitting around a campfire or curled up with books. 

I have a soft heart for kids and a passion for helping them to appreciate the opportunities provided to them in our great country/world.  Teaching allows me to touch students’ hearts and minds. I desire to help them discover empathy for others in our world and to empower them to make a difference in their own way.  I love my job, work with people who feel like family, and give thanks for the opportunities provided to me every day at Nevada Middle School.

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