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Davis, Patty
MS Administrative Assistant

I started working for the Nevada Community School District in 1974 as the secretary at the Milford Center, which housed the 5th and 6th grade students of Nevada. As the secretary, my job included running the office as well as being the lunch clerk, part-time nurse, and teacher-associate. It made for a very fast day. For those of us who worked at Milford, we like to say we made the big move to town when the Nevada Middle School was completed in 1991. Today, I am the MS administrative assistant to the principal.

Some of the programs that I helped organize and implement over the years are the Iowa Heritage Summer Fieldtrips, Summer Enrichment Program, World Day and Olympic Day for 5th and 6th grade students.

I have enjoyed working with the students, parents, and faculty and hope to be here a few more years to see all the changes that will occur.

In my spare time, I enjoy family time, reading, and finding and shopping at consignment/antique shops.

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