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DeYoung, Emily

I have taught a variety of language arts courses at Nevada High School since moving to Nevada in 2005.  As far as schooling, I completed my M.S.E. with a reading endorsement in 2014 from Drake University and earned my B.A. with a speech and theater endorsement from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa way back in 2003.

Prior to coming to Nevada, I grew up in Des Moines and was a Roosevelt Rough Rider. Teaching was always something I thought about doing while growing up because I loved learning and still do.  After college, I moved out of state and taught for two years at Kankakee Trinity Academy in Kankakee, Illinois.  I missed Iowa and being close to my family, though, so when a position opened up in Nevada, I applied. I am so grateful to be here.  Is this heaven? 

Outside of teaching, like I said, I love learning.  Recently, I was really struggling internally because it seemed like students don't read very much unless it's assigned for school, and therefore, they don't really enjoy it that much.  While working on my MSE, I researched this problem and turned it into a project called CENTR.  CENTR stands for Cubs Encouraging Nevadians To Read, and its two focuses are to equip teachers to better utilize text in their classrooms and to encourage and motivate students to read. For more information, you can go to my website:

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