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Silver Cord Service Program


It is our belief that students who interact positively within their community will not only benefit their community, but also gain leadership and citizenship skills. To encourage and reward volunteerism and community service, the Silver Cord Service Program will recognize students each year who have made significant contributions to the community through their service.

Seniors who have completed 100 hours during their four years at Nevada will be awarded a silver service cord at graduation and be recognized at the Awards Day Assembly and graduation exercises.  For the hours to be counted,

  • Students need to submit a form noting their service activities to a committee for review prior to the service project unless the project has been pre-approved by the committee.
  • Each time a student completes a project, the student must have a supervisor sign a form noting the hours worked.  This form will be turned in to the office to be logged.  Completed forms should be turned in to the office within 30 days of the project.  A log of student completion of “approved service activities” will be maintained for students in the office.
  • Hours can be retroactively approved per the discretion of the committee.  A committee will review activities periodically to determine what constitutes “approved” community service. 
  • Hours will not be counted if the student or organization the student belongs to receives financial or other compensation.  This includes revenue from direct sales, fundraisers or donations.  An exception is if the school organization donates the profits (less expenses) to charity. 
  • Students must participate in more than one service project.  Students can receive a maximum of 25 hours per project over the course of the four years. 
  • Transfer students’ hours will be pro-rated and determined by their start at Nevada High School.
  • Any questions as to the approval of service hours will be referred to the oversight committee that will render a final decision about any issues.

We will begin the Silver Cord recognition during the 2015-2016 school year.  We will phase in the recognition as follows:

Seniors- 40 hours of service

Juniors- 60 hours of service

Sophomores- 80 hours of service

Freshmen- 100 hours of service

For the application to join the Silver Cord Service Program, please download it below.

Download this file (Silver Cord Form.pdf)Silver Cord Form.pdf[ ]56 kB

Athletic Hall of Fame


Interested in nominiating someone for the Nevada High School Athletic Hall of Fame?


Two or more of the following criteria must be met for athletes to be a nominated for the Nevada Hall of Fame. Coaches with outstanding records at Nevada may also be considered for nomination. 

1. First team all-conference performer twice. (This means twice in the same sport or once in one sport and once in another; possibly in the same year.)
2. State qualifier, first team all-district, or on an all-state team recognized by the Des Moines Register or the Iowa Newspaper Association. Honorable mention or special mention do not count as state teams. Members of teams that have won a conference or sectional championship may be considered.
3. Conference, district or sectional champion for individual sports.
4. School record holder.

In Addition, five years must have elapsed following the nominee’s graduation from high school.


Anyone can nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame, but nominations must be filed on a specific form which will be available on our website, Nominations will be considered active for a five year period. After five years, if the nominee is not selected they can be nominated again.

Nominations must be received by October 31st in order to be considered for that year.


The inductees (up to 5 per year) will be honored at a Nevada High School game each year and receive a plaque. Each inductee’s biography will be a part of the interactive display.


The selection committee will be made up of the following people:
1. High School activities director – Dustin Smith
2. High School Principal – Kody Asmus
3. *One longtime faculty member – Larry Parker
4. Booster representative – Chad Bauman
5. *Four longtime Nevada residents –Cindy Dueland, Bill Kellogg, Randy Davis, Joe Toot
6. *These people may be replaced after a term of three years providing suitable volunteers can be found.

Each nominee must receive 6/8 of the committee’s approval to be inducted.

To submit a nomination for the Nevada High School Athletic Hall of Fame, please click here.

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Driver's Education


The Driver’s Education course is available each year in January; at this time we do not have a summer class

Sign up sheets are avaliable in the High School Guidance Office about 2 months before the class starts.

Tuition for the course currently runs $320.00
(Cost does vary if you are on the free or reduced lunch program)

Iowa state law dictates 6 hours of driving time, 6 hours of back seat observation, and 30 hours of classroom time

Student instructional driving permits are required for registration into this course

Sign up for this class is not first come first serve but rather oldest students will have first priority


  • HS Guidance
  • Hall of Honor

    The Nevada Community School District Hall of Honor has been established to recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves based upon academic excellence and achievement, career accomplishments, community service, personal excellence, and dedication to lifelong learning.

    A candidate will be considered for induction ten years after graduating from Nevada, Fernald, Milford, or Shipley High Schools.  A candidate must ahve made distinguished contributions and achieved outstanding recognition in his or her career or education.