2017-2018 Scholarships

Updated:  11/8/17

If a link is not listed in the Criteria, please come to the Guidance Office for the application


AES Engineering $500 *awarded on the basis of character October 6
    *not required to be taking Engineering courses  
Ashford University $40,000-60,000 *apply for admission to Ashford University Not Specified
    *minimum GPA of 3.00  
B. Davis Scholarship $1,000 *high school junior or senior May 22
    *write an essay of less than 1000 words  
Distinguished Young Women Not Specified *female high school senior November 1
    *involed in school and/ or community activities  
Dr. Pepper Tuition Not Specified *must be 18 years old October 17
    *must have a valid Facebook account  
Grinnel College $10,000 *apply for admission to Grinnell College Not Specified
    *resident of Iowa  
High Five Scholarships Not Specified *complete the short online registration Not Specified
    *answer questions that pertain to you  
Horatio Alger  $7,000-25,000 *minimum GPA of 2.00  October 25
    *demonstrate critical financial need  
H.S. Ostlin Memorial Not Specified *based on academic merit December 1
    *based on financial need  
Hy-Vee Foundation $1,000 *must be son and/or daughter of Hy-Vee employee February 10
    *must be a high school senior  
Iowa High School  $500-2,500 *planning to attend Iowa School of Beauty Not Specified
    *high school senior  
Iowa Newspaper      February 10
John Deere Scholarship $15,000 *attend John Deere's Program with Partnership Not Specified
    Colleges, classroom and on-the-job training  
Kirkwood Community  $3,000-5,000 *apply for admission to Kirkwwod Community College December 16
    *minimum GPA of 3.00  
La'James College $1,000 *first 15 to enroll in Cosmetology or Massage  Not Specified
    Therapy programs  
National Co-op Scholarship $6,000-30,000 *minimum GPA of 3.50 or better February 15
    *one-page essay of 200 words  
NROTC Scholarships Full-Tuition *minimum GPA of 2.50  Not Specified
    *minimum ACT composite score of 22  
Special Education Teacher $2,000 *senior student who will continue education and plan  January 15
    to study Education, specifically Special Education  
Star Student Scholarship $2,000 *Special Education graduating senior who will  January 15
    continue their education at a college or university  
University of Iowa $1,000-40,000 *apply for admission to The University of Iowa Not Specified
    *several different scholarships available
Wendy's Heisman $1,000-10,000 *$10 gift card to the first 1,000 applicants October 3
    *minimum GPA of 3.00 & participate in a sport  
World Class - Medicom $1,000 *essay of about 500 words February 17
    *two letters of recommendation