2017-2018 Scholarships

Updated:  3/29/18

If a link is not listed in the Criteria, please come to the Guidance Office for the application


Ralph Appelgate Memorial  $500 *Nevada HS graduating senior April 5
    *attending a 2-yr college, tech school, trade school or have been accepted for an apprenticeship  
    *must be pursuing a course of study in HVAC, Electricity, automotive,plumbing, welding or sheet metal  
    *no minimum gpa  
    this application was emailed to all seniors and is also available in the Guidance office  
Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program up to $25,000 *must have completed high school or high school eviqualency by Spring 2018 June 15
    *be enrolled in a 2-year or less career or technical degree/certificate program in Fall 2018 that will lead to employment   
    *attend a not-for-profit post-secondary institution  
    *demonstrate financial need; applicants must be Pell Grant eligible  
    *under the age of 30  
    *United States Citizen  
Nevada PTA Scholarship $750 *Nevada High School student graduating in 2018 April 27
    *have a history of volunteer activity in your community  
    *plan on attending a post-secondary school in 2018-2019 school ear  
    *return completed application to NHS Guidance office; application available on PTA website  
Dan Engler Memorial Scholarship $750 *must be a 2018 Nevada High School graduating student April 27
    *plan on continuing education at 2- or 4-year institution  
    *selection criteria will include community involvement, school involvement and career goals  
    complete application, transcript and 2 letters of recommendation must be returned to the Nevada HS guidance office  
    *application was emailed to all seniors; paper copies are also available in the guidance office  
Iowa School of Beauty $500-$4,000 *complete an enrollment application not specified
    *complete an interview at Iowa School of Beauty  
    *submit current transcript  
    *there are various scholarships on their website and links to other sites for scholarships  
UCA Scholarship $100-$333 *all high school students May 22, 2018
    *submit an essay on how caring and kindness can be implemented more in your personal life and school  
    *can submit essay starting April 1, 2018  
    *visit their website to enter  
Nevada Community Education Association Scholarship $1,600 *predicted success in college career April 23
    *involvement in extracurricular activities  
    *financial need  
    *academic standing in the upper 30% of class  
    *desire to pursue Education or Human Services career  
    *summer employment or other attempts to finance his/her education  
    *return completed application to Nevada HS guidance office  
    *all seniors were emailed; paper copies available   
Iowa Pride Scholarship by William Penn partial tuition *contact William Penn University for details; if student is eligible the student will pay no more than $5,000 for tuition/general fees per academic year to attend the traditional campus in Oskaloosa not specified
Nevada Kiwanis Scholarship not specified *submit personal resume and essay with the following headings: April 16
    *need for financial assistance  
    *school activities and community volunteerism  
    *letter of recommendation  
    *was emailed to all seniors; paper copies available  Financial Furtures Scholarship $1,000 *seniors who intend to pursue an education and career in the finance industry July 31
    *minimum GPA of 3.5  
    *US Resident  
    *complete essay for submission and send a transcript  
    *get full details at  
The Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship $800 *must be of Protestant faith, resident of state of Iowa, and going to be a full-time student at University of Iowa May 1
    *must have good scholastic record and be of good character  
    *Copies of application are in the Guidance Office  
La Societe Forty and Eight Nursing Scholarship not specified *must be resident of Story County; high school senior graduating in 2018 April 15
    *must be planning to enter college to study nursing  
    *application can be obtained by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we have paper copies in the Guidance Office  
Weatherspoon Charitable Foundation Scholarship $1,000/yr for 4 years *Nevada High School FEMALE   
    *must be attending a college in Iowa & pursuing a 4-year degree (starting at a 2-year college is acceptable) April 5
    *Agricultural or Science/Technical majors are preferred, however other majors will be considered  
    *must demonstrate financial need  
    *all Senior girls/parents were emailed application and copies are also available in the Guidance Office  
    *return completed application to Guidance Office  
LaJames International up to $1,000 not specified
American Legion Scholarship not specified *must have a brother, sister, mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle who has served in military April 30
    *must be Nevada High School senior who is planning to attend a 2-yr or 4-yr program  
    *application was emailed to all seniors and is also available in the Guidance Office  
Iowa PGA Charlie Burkart Scholarship $1,500/yr for 4 years *resident of Iowa or Iowa PGA Section June 15
    *selected based on interest and activity in golf, potential for future contributions to game, leadership skills/community involvement and then academic/professional ability and financial need  
    *apply or download application online at  
B. Davis Scholarship $1,000 *open to high school Juniors and Seniors and students enrolled in post secondary education May 22
    *write essay as directed on website  
    *see website for more details:  
Greg Wycoff Memorial Scholarship $3,000 *must be Nevada HS senior with record of volunteerism in community in non-school sponsored activities and participation in extracurricular activities March 29
    *applicants must plan to attend a 2- or 4-year college/university in Iowa  
    *minimum GPA of 3.0  
    *application was emailed to all seniors and are also available in the Guidance Office  
Marc Olson_RE/Max Scholarship $500 *Nevada HS senior   
    *minimum GPA of 3.0 March 29
    *planning on attending 2- or 4-year college/university or technical/vocational institute  
    *looking for motivated/self-driven students wiht plans of starting a small business or plans to major in business/business management  
    *application was emailed to all seniors and copies are also available in the Guidance Office  
Matt Sherman Memorial Scholarship $500 *senior who is planning to attend a college/university in the fall June 29
    *planning to study native vegetation or natural resources  
    *application is available in the Guidance Office  
Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation and Auxiliary Scholarships various *various scholarship opportunities are available to students interested in pursuing a health care related career March 30
    *applications are available by going to:  
Catherine McAuley Scholarship program via Mount Mercy College free tuition *must be an Iowa resident and graduate from an Iowa high school not specified
    *be admitted as a new freshman to Mount Mercy  
    *reside all 4 years on Mount Mercy's campus during the academic year  
    *participate in Mount Mercy's College Success Program first year on campus  
    *file FAFSA prior to July 1 showing family income of $45,000 or less and Pell Grant eligibility  
Big Sun Scholarship $500 *high school senior involved in a sport; see website for details June 19  
AES Engineers Scholarship $500 *open to all students planning on higher education, regardless of field of study Oct 6, 2018
    *to be eligible the student needs to answer one of the essays questions on the website  
    *will be awarded based on character, as determined by evaluating essays submitted  
Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship $1,000 *must be a junior or senior who has participated in Iowa Games event April 30
    *one male and one female prize will be awarded  
    *see website for application and details
Coach Jack Argotsinger Memorial Scholarship $1,000 *Nevada HS graduating senior who is a FEMALE student athlete  
    *must plan on attending a 2- or 4- year college in state of Iowa in the fall of 2018 March 29
    *minimum cumulative gpa of 2.50  
    *two letters of recommendation (one from coach and one from teacher, boss, church, etc.)  
    *due to Guidance office by March 30, 2018  
Milroy's Tuxedos Scholarship $500 *must be a high school senior who has applied to college or university for fall of 2018 March 31
    *applications should be returned to any Milroy's Tuxedos locations  
    *application was emailed to all seniors; paper copies are available in Guidance Office or can be accessed online  
DMACC Foundation Scholarships various various scholarships are available to student planning to attend DMACC; see website for details various  
Abbott & Fenner Scholarship up to $1,000 *submit essay on selected topic June 14
    *see website for full details