Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is internet required at home?
A. Ultimately, no.  While internet access is definitely a plus and many of our activities and resources utilize the web, teachers are aware that not everyone is able to have internet and will make any modifications as necessary.  Additionally, there are several places in town that offer free wifi along with our school parking lots.

Q. What internet options do Nevada city and rural residents have?
A. To our knowledge, these are the mainstream options offered in most of the town:  Mediacom (800-479-2082), Windstream (866-444-2841), and Mid Iowa Net (515-382-2124).  Additionally, you may be able to get service from your cellular provider and satelite TV provider.

Q. Does the school offer insurance for the 1:1 devices?
A. The District does not directly offer insurance for our 1:1 devices.  Starting with school year 2015-2016, this is your (guardian) responsibility for repair costs:

  High School Middle School Central Elementary (3rd, 4th)
2nd Repair First $50 First $50 First $50
3rd + Repair Full Cost Full Cost Full Cost

In cases of gross negligence, as determined by NCSD Administration, you (guardian) will be responsible for the full amount of the replacement regardless of if it is the first or tenth repair.  The repair count will go to Zero at the beginning of the next school year.

Q. If we choose to have the device covered on our Homeowners / Renters insurance, what information do I need?
A. Insurance will usually ask for the following information.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.

  High School Middle School
Model Dell Chromebook 13 Dell Chromebook 11
Serial See sticker on bottom of laptop See sticker on bottom of Chromebook
Value $400 $300